The Entrepreneur

“Did I ever tell you about my grandfather? Of course I didn’t. He was nobody. He spent his whole life at the factory, retired, boom, dropped dead. That’s the one thing I’ve been afraid of my whole life, turning out like him, a nobody with nothing to show for himself, nothing to show he ever existed except for a chip of stone at the veterans’ cemetery. Which one? I don’t know. I have his medals around here somewhere.

“After I’m gone, people need to know I was here. They need to know my name, and remember me. I want to be up there with the greats. I want to leave a legacy. For all he did with his life my grandfather might as well never have been born. My life has to mean something. The world has to be different because I lived in it. So thanks for your concern, but I’m fine. And I kind of have to get back to work, so if that’s all . . .”


tiffehr said...

This is interesting to re-read in light of Jobs' recent death. I know it's not individually focused but the frame of reference seems to be what many people considered during his wake.

Paul M. Rodriguez said...

Jobs cultists were one of my points of reference.

The Covert Comic said...

Thanks to your fine monologue, the world is now different because your grandfather lived in it.

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